Top 5 Big and Famous fairs in India

You can enjoy a wonderful entertainment by attending a fair or a gathering of people. The fair happens for a short period of time several weeks. Here are few famous fairs that happen in India:
1.Kumbh Mela

In this place Hindus gather to take a plunge in the sacred river and this place is mostly visited by Hindus on a pilgrimage. It is regarded as the biggest place to be peaceful. Once in three years, this fair happens at Allahabad, Haridwar, Ujjain, and Nashik. Kumbha means pitcher and Mela mean fair in Sanskrit.
2.Sonepur Cattle Mela

On Karthik Poornima in the month of November in Sonepur, Bihar you can find the Sonepur Cattle Fair. It takes place in the meeting of Ganges and Gandak river. In Asia, currently, it is the biggest cattle fair and is basically for 15 days to one month. In this Mela, you can buy various breeds of dogs, donkeys, buffaloes, horses, rabbits, goats and the camel.
3. Pushkar Fair

It is also named as Pushkar Ka Mela and is the annual five-day camel and livestoc…

Top 5 Not To Miss Museums In India

India is a place with rich cultural heritage and a glorious history. It is but obvious that it is bound to have a number of museums spread across the country. So is the reality.
Below is a list of top 5 not to miss museums in India:
1.Indian Museum in Kolkata:

Set up in 1814, by the Asiatic society of Bengal in Kolkata, the Indian Museum has a one of a kind collection of armors, Mughal art pieces, skeletons, and ornaments. It has six sections consisting of five galleries of scientific and creative work of art that is geology, archeology, art and economic beauty. Being one of the oldest galleries in the world, it is a standout amongst the most visited spots of India that one must not give a miss when on vacations in Kolkata.
2.National Rail Museum in Chanakyapuri:

This museum has a vast collection of more than 100 life size displays of Indian Railways. It is located in Chanakyapuri over a territory of 10 acres of land. There happens to be a toy train that facilitates rides of the site r…

Top 5 Less Crowded Tourist Places In India

If you are someone who wants to visit secluded and less crowded places then you need to visit these places in India.


It is one of the top secrets of Andhra Pradesh and is found in the Eastern Ghats. It is regarded as the food bowl of South India and is noted for coffee plantations, waterfalls, and caves.


If you explore the Aru Valley then you will enjoy the village set in Pahalgam and the Lidder river gushing waters, snorting horses and you can also stroll across the valley by taking snaps.


This is a little town linked with Shimla by Hindustan-Tibet Road built by Lord Dalhousie in the year 1850. This is a less commonly visited place. It is very apt for artists.


Most of the enthusiasts will love this place and it is a wonderful hill station with a height of about 2298 m. This place is the base for most of the treks.


It is the least populated in Indi…

Top 5 Must Visit Wild Life Sanctuaries Located In India

Wish to have that wild experience? What better than these top 5 Indian Wild Life Sanctuaries? Let's check out what they have to offer the visitors...
1.Periyar Wildlife Reserve in Kerala:

The Periyar Wildlife sanctuary lies comfortably cusped inside the popular Cardamom Hills of the South. The Periyar River wanders around its contours, offering a perennial wellspring of water for the nearby wildlife. Periyar happens to be an exceedingly protected tiger and elephant reserve. When last time counted, there were said to be 53 tigers inside the reserve. Visitors hire barges to see herds of wild elephants showering in the Periyar Lake. Different animals found here incorporate Bison, Gaur, Sambar, Mouse Deer, Barking Deer, Foxes, Mongoose, Lion-tailed Macaque, Nilgiri Langur and Leopards.
2.Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan:

Ranthambore National Park is known to be one of the biggest national parks. It is renowned for its lake tiger population. Rajasthan Ranthambore or Sawai Madhopo…

Top 5 beaches in India

Nowadays even India is the best destination for visiting beaches and there are lots of beaches that offers action and secludedness. Here are few beaches you need to visit the West coat:

1.  Varkala

You can reach this place within an hour from North Trivandrum in Kerala and it offers a wonderful alternative to the Kovalam beach.  It has breathtaking views and they stretch over her the Arabian sea.

2.  Gokarna

In Northern Karnataka, you can find a small and secluded holy town called Gokarna and there are four lonely beaches nearby. You can find a feel of being in Goa over here.

3. Palolem

You can find thick coconut forest palms in far South Goa's Palolem Beach and it is the most beautiful to visit with a lively and attractive crowd.

4. Tarkali

You can find a replica of the Andaman Islands in Tarkarli beach and has the most impressive coral reefs on the Indian mainland.

5. Agonda

In South Goa, you need to visit the Agonda Beach which is ideal for those who love staying in huts and e…

Top 5 Exotic Aquariums In India

Be ready to visit these top 5 renowned aquariums in India, as we tell you about them in this blog.
1.Taraporewala Aquarium in Mumbai:

Taraporewala Aquarium situated on Marine Drive in Mumbai, is the oldest aquarium in India and one of the prominent tourist spots in Mumbai city. The famous aquarium has numerous types of marine and freshwater fishes including Damselfishes, Butterflyfishes and Angelfishes.
2.The Aquarium in Portblair:

Marina Park and Aquarium in Port Blair is situated at Delanipur and hosts different varieties of fishes,  shells, corals and distinctive species of marine life.
3.Datda Sea World in Mount Abu:

Datda Sea World in Mount Abu, solitary hill resort of Rajasthan astonishes its visitors with the wide accumulation of fishes and ocean shells. Perceived as the biggest Aquarium in India, Datda Sea World consists of more than 100 little aquariums. The aquarium has a wide assortment of fishes imported from Singapore, Netherlands, Kenya, US, Pakistan and numerous differen…

Top 5 Amazing Forests To Visit In India

Attention all nature lovers! Here is a list of top 5 best forests in India, you would love to get lost in.... So, shall we begin? Get....set....go....!
Forests of Arunachal:

It is the sole surviving rain woods of India and 61% of the Arunachal state is covered with these forests. The woods are spread across 51,540-sq-km and furthermore spread over a rise of 100m in the foothill locales. This forest is full of ecological diversity that brought about changing forest types. Here you can see the tropical woods along the foothills. The bamboo forests and grass fields are likewise a part of this stunning forest.
Jog Fall surroundings in Karnataka:

Jog Falls environs are located in the Karnataka state which is rich in beautiful nature. This place isn't popular just for its picturesque magnificence, yet additionally the best place for trekking. This forest range has transformed drastically because of human intervention. This place hosts the largest waterfall in the country, and amid the mo…